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    What stability factors need to be considered for event tent design?
    Date: 2017-08-03Read: 1792

    What stability factors need to be considered for event tent design?

    As a senior manufacturer of tent in China, Guangao Tent has introduced the internationally advanced tent design and manufacturing technologies into China!

    Guangao Tent assures its tent design by the following means:


    I. Design Files

    1 Design files should include the documents related to the design drawing, stability computations, safe operations, directions for installation and use, and combustion characteristics.

    2 Design files should be evaluated and checked by the appropriate authority, with the following content proved:

    (1) Integrity;

    (2) The correctness of the value for numerical analysis;

    (3) The correctness of the design and calculation of all bearing components including the connecting parts;

    (4) Conformity with existing standards.

    3 The design drawing should contain the tent’s main dimensions, restrictive regulations, and special requirements for design and materials.

    There must be a structure drawing for selective assemblies and individual components. The structure drawing should contain a site plan, a front view and a cross-section diagram; the structure drawing should particularly contain all size dimensions and cross-sectional values required for test and approval, as well as the details of materials, structural components, fasteners and connectors.

    II.Stability and Balance Test

    1 Conduct stress limit analysis and deformation stability calculation on every load and combined loads in the most unfavorable load combination condition. Check the stress and bending moment to ensure that it does not exceed the ultimate bearing capacity of the tent components or the regulations regarding tent serviceability.

    2 For tent design, anti-overturning, sliding and hoisting safety calculations should be conducted. For anti-overturning safety and anti-sliding safety checking computation, the safety coefficient shall not be lower than 1.3. If the structural dead weight alone cannot ensure the tent safety, a further fixing measure should be taken, such as adopting more load-bearing objects, anchor bolts (insert bolt, expansion bolt) and strutting pieces,

    3 Wind braces should be mounted on the roof and walls. If there is a brace on some part, the pressure on the major structure from the brace should be considered during design calculation. Guangao Tent’s tent technology and exceptional service could be seen in the World University Games, F1 courts and large-scale outdoor marketing activities.

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