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    An introduction to the subsidiary companies of Yijin Group, to which Guangzhou Guangao Tent Industries Co., LTD. is affiliated.
    Date: 2017-08-03Read: 1960

    About Yijin Group:

    Guangzhou Yijin Aluminum Alloy Products Co., LTD., Guangzhou Guangao Tent Industries Co.,LTD. and Guangzhou Yuehong Membrane Structure Engineering Co., LTD. all belong to Yijin Group. The group is located at No.13, Fuyi Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, and the factory covers an area of over 16,000m2. As a large-scale conglomerate, the group specializes in designing, developing, producing, selling and leasing exhibition tents, European-style tents, membrane structures, pneumatic membranes, aluminum alloy stages, lighting stands and removable aluminum alloy stages.

    Guangao Tent consists of seven departments: business development department, technical development department, engineering department, personnel department, financial department, general accounting department, quality control department, after-sale service department and manufacturing base. Guangao Tent has a group of high-quality management personnel who started to work on spatial structure-related engineering technology, fabrication and installation comparatively early at home, internationally advanced machining and construction techniques, first-class materials and exquisite engineering services, which have helped Guangao Tent win good reputation from its customers.  

    Corporate philosophy: “holding quality first, daring to blaze new trails, forging ahead, keeping innovating and acting in good faith”. This is Guangao Tent’s eternal pursuit and permanent belief! High quality and thoughtful service are what makes Guangao Tent keep ahead all the way!

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