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    A tent – a removable house
    Date: 2017-08-03Read: 6562

    A removable tent is in itself a temporary house, which is easy to put up compared with irremovable real buildings. The reinforced concrete structure is widely used in modern architecture. Despite the structure’s firmness and diversity, it hinders users from talking with the starry sky and integrating themselves into nature. However, a removable tent can enable the people who live in busy cities to lead a leisurely outdoor life…

    The features of a removable tent:

     1. Beautiful and economical. The structure is sturdy and durable, the shape is fashionable and attractive, the quality is high and price is reasonable, and the economic benefit is notable.

     2. Due to the combined structure, the tent can be put up with its size adjusted according to the space size.

     3. Customizable. A grand and elegant tent can be customized according to needs.

     4. Economical and practical. The tent can be reused for a long time, and the construction cost is very low.

     5. There are no special requirements for the site, and it can be put up wherever there is flat ground, such as lawn, asphalt floor and cement floor.

     6. 30 years of rust-resistance. The tarpaulin, which is coated with PVC, is UV-resistant, water-tight, flame-retardant and self-cleaning.

     7. A high-grade simple house gives you a quiet and comfortable environment.

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