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    Pagoda Tent -25

           The Pagoda Tent is a new type of temporary building for outdoor activities. The peaked tent is an economical tent, and its main features are that it is light, faster to install than conventional tents, and more economical and practical. It can meet the customer's requirements for the size of the cone-top tent. In particular, the awning cloth made of imported synthetic fibers and three layers of PVC materials is selected. The tarpaulin weighs 650-850 grams per square meter, and its performance fully meets the European and American standards. The frame part is exquisitely processed and handled in accordance with safety standards.

            Pagoda Tent are widely used in temporary warehouses, factories, temporary construction, exhibition tents, construction tents, emergency relief and so on.

            The apex tent of Guangao tent manufacturer is completely easy to disassemble, can be quickly installed in a very short period of time, has a service life of more than 20 years, complete indoor facilities, stable and durable tent structure, and no site restrictions.

    Structural parts drawing:


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