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    storage tent -16

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          The storage tent can be recycled back and forth, easy to disassemble and install, and can realize various problems such as the construction, expansion, relocation and demolition of storage. It can effectively solve the needs of the warehouse, and it is convenient to solve the storage space in time. It can be built as much as needed. There is no size limit. Special processing, width and height can be customized according to needs.

          Storage tents can better solve the problem of cargo storage for manufacturers and merchants, and the slope of the roof is conducive to drainage. The interior design of the tent is to take safety measures to ensure the safe use of the tent, providing hard walls, sandwich panel walls, color steel tile walls, rolling gate accessories, etc.

         Shapes include: spire, arc, herringbone, arch, hexagon, special shape, peach shape, etc.

         The storage tents of Guangao tent manufacturers have a service life of more than 20 years, complete indoor facilities, stable and durable tent structures, and no site restrictions.

    Frame main profile size and use


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