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    Wedding Tent -17

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           Using a wedding tent means that you can hold a wedding in the wild, and it is suitable for various outdoor occasions to choose to build a tent to hold a wedding. This form can be closer to nature, for a special and unforgettable wedding. Because the wedding tent has more freedom and flexibility, the guests can determine the size of the tent.

           The specifications of the wedding tent are estimated mainly according to the number of people and the internal supporting elements. The shapes are diversified, and there are various European-style wedding tents. The most important thing is that the tent has a sunscreen function. Choose a wedding tent to easily experience a unique outdoor wedding.

          Shapes include spires, arcs, chevrons, arches, hexagons, special shapes, and more.

          The wedding tents of Guangao tent manufacturers can be easily disassembled, can be quickly installed in a very short period of time, have a service life of more than 20 years, complete indoor facilities, stable and durable tent structure, and no restrictions on the venue.

    Frame main profile size and use


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