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    Exhibition tent -23

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            The exhibition tent is suitable for various exhibition venues, which is beneficial to the overall exhibition with a single visualization. Not only does it effectively make up for the space allocation of indoor venues, but the application of unique exhibition tents will attract more attention, but also increase the popularity of the exhibition and help the exhibition run well.

            The exhibition-type tent can divide the exhibition area, rest area, functional area and other different areas for the exhibition, make full use of every inch of space, and improve the exhibition experience of the exhibition. The layout and space planning of the internal space can be handled according to personal requirements. There are no pillars and obstacles inside, and 100% of the space is available, which can be better used as a window for promotion and publicity of events. Different tent shapes, different materials and different configurations can create different publicity images for exhibitors.

            Material Tarpaulin is 850 g/m2. The surface treatment of steel parts is hot-dip galvanized, with a thickness of more than 60mm, which is not easy to corrode. The surface treatment of the frame aluminum alloy is strict, and the performance ratio is high.

            Types include, herringbone, spire, arc, sphere, alien, hexagon, and more.

    Frame main profile size and use


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