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    Restaurant tent 10

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           If you want to open a restaurant on the grass, seaside, beach, grassland, desert, etc., there are strict requirements for the building. But the tent is definitely a good partner for the construction of outdoor restaurants. It has no site restrictions and can solve all kinds of troubles in sheltering from wind and rain. There are no pillars and obstacles inside. It has a large space and can be freely used. It can be installed with air conditioners. Tables and chairs, lights, various decorations, choose transparent tarpaulin or glass walls to highlight the high-end romantic restaurant.

           The restaurant tent is a high-end outdoor temporary building with elegant appearance, wind resistance, rain resistance, earthquake resistance, flame retardant, mildew resistance and other advantages. Customized according to individual needs, choose the appropriate specifications. In addition, the interior can be installed with an upper partition wall as required, and divided into different areas to realize the separation of the kitchen from the side dish area, dining room, and leisure area one by one, and have an independent space to ensure indoor hygiene. Make sure the dining environment is comfortable.

           Guang'ao restaurant tents have many shapes, including herringbone, arch, arc, spherical, combined and so on. Tent materials: PVC tarpaulin, tempered glass wall, ABS wall, high-strength pure 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame, etc. The service life is more than 20 years, the indoor facilities are complete, and the tent structure is stable and durable.

    Frame main profile size and use


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