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  • Tel +86-020-34691279
    Service & Support

    Guangao Tent’s production technology and design is based on its years of experience and innovations. The tent frame is made of aluminum materials and reinforced with steel components. All the steel components are galvanized according to the German DIN 50976, and welded according to the German TüV, in order to ensure the integral security of the frame.


    A tent can be made of a standard waterproof tarpaulin or color steel plates or clear glass walls for your needs. In addition, a manually or electrically operated door of varying widths and heights can be installed in it. Almost every part of the tent system can be adjusted to meet customers’ individual demands.

    Guangao Tent purchases tarpaulins from both abroad and home. The patented technology - Précontraint Technology? guarantees good surface stability and smoothness of tarpaulins, and the ultraviolet resistance of tarpaulinss keeps it non-discoloring for a whole year. The tent system meets all fire protection standards, including the German B1/DIN75200, France M2 and American NFP92503.

    Also, Guangao Tent applies different tent mounting modes to different field conditions. Guangao Tent will give an individualized suggestion on every project.

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